Producers of sack kraft paper valve bags for industrial packaging purposes. OsmaKraft produces powdered goods paper bags, raw material bags, starch bags as well as various environmental paper bags.

OsmaKraft operates a high speed, fully automated, bottom based manufacturing line. Using only the finest sack Kraft paper and adhesives, OsmaKraft ensures excellent strength properties, porosity suitable for fast and dust-free filling of powdered goods.


Sack Kraft paper valve bags

  • Bag length range: 420-750mm
  • Bag width range:380-550 mm
  • Bag Bottom Range: 90-130 mm


  • 2-4 layers of sack Kraft paper bags
  • Sewed thread pasting paper bags
  • 1-4 color printed bags
  • PE/PP plastic Velum on inner or middle layers

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