Osma Board Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

 "Osma Board PVC laminated Gypsum tiles are suitable for concealing mechanical and electrical pipes and cabling as well as air condition ducts. The elegant designs are eye catching and offer a wide variety for decoration. Osma Board ceiling tiles have and aluminum foil laminated back that protects the tiles from moisture and dew. Osma Board Ceiling tiles are ideal for hotels, hospitals, universities, schools and shopping venues. "


                                                "* Easy , fast installation "                                                                           

                                                * Easy maintenance and repair                                                                 

                                                "* Easy access to ducts, services and installations"                                                                           

                                                * wide variety of design                                                                               

                                Application Areas                                                                                          

  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels
  • Residential Projects                                                                
  • Exhibition Halls and Convention Centers
  • Any area where high levels of acoustic absorption are required


                                T-32/38 grids with 0.30-0.45 mm thickness                           

                                                Board dimension:                                                                           

                                                "Thickness: 7.5, 9.5 mm"±0.5                                                                     

                                                Width: 600 mm ± 1                                                         

                                                "Length:600, 1200 mm" ± 1                                                         



                                                                7.5 mm ≈ 5.7 kg/m2       

Lengthways & lateral ruptures load 7.5mm ≤110 N

Fire resistant property: Not flammable in accordance with DIN 18-180                                                   

                                                Osma Board Gypsum Tiles 7.5x600x600= 8Pcs/Pack

Max Loaded details 704 / 1350 / 1400 cartons , 3239.4 square meters , 23.5 tons , loaded in one  20 fcl

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